Ramuntcho Matta
26 rue Saint-Claude 75003 Paris


Dé(GIF)flagration Vol.III

5 octobre 2019 — 19h - 5h
avec Nicola Di Caprio

Dé(GIF)flagration Vol.III is twenty minutes of original GIFs selected from the approximately 1250 GIFs produced by the artist and musician Nicola Di Caprio in the last three years. These GIFs play and desecrate images of high and low culture, creating unsettling, sometimes humorous, sparkling, often astonishing clips that can be interpreted and read from different levels: from the intellectual one to the merely retinal one, or seen as « moving » wallpaper for bored evenings.Art, music, history, philosophy, comics, graphic design, politics, architecture, society, science, sport etc. intertwine and overlap creating visual paradoxes and humorous situations. Between surrealism and pop culture, an explosive video accompanied by unpredictable original music recorded live in one take by Ramuntcho Matta and Nicola Di Caprio in Milan.


Original music by Ramuntcho Matta and Nicola Di Caprio

Recorded by Danilo Di Lorenzo at Moonhouse Recording – Milano

Mix and Mastering by Mauro De Santis (mafigi) at Cutting Edge Master Studio – Milano

Dé(GIF)flagration Vol.III — sometimeStudio